Living in Neighbourhood Filled with Trees Offers Great Health Benefits

Trees are one of the most amazing and magnificent plants on our planet. They are not only vital for the environment, but the human health, as well. Trees are essential for our existence — they provide us with fresh fruits, wood for shelter, fresh air, shade, and many more. But with a staggering number of people choosing to move into the city, more trees are cut every day to build shelter and houses. As a result of massive efforts for urbanization, people — and the entire planet — are suffering from air pollution and global warming.

However, it is never too late to start planting trees again, especially in your neighbourhood. In fact, a study has found that lining the neighbourhood or city streets with trees can lead nearby residents to feel healthier. Some have noted experiencing fewer cardio-metabolic conditions, such as heart problems and diabetes. Researchers gathered the health records of 31,000 adult Toronto residents, including information on their cardio-metabolic condition, household income, education, and health perception.

The following are the amazing health benefits you can enjoy when living in neighbourhoods surrounded by trees:

● Improved Air Quality

Living in Neighbourhood Filled with Trees Offers Great Health Benefits

Air pollution is a continuously growing concern in many cities around the world. City living and industrialization are the main sources for the ozone killing levels of carbon dioxide. However, trees can help combat air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it to oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. This is essential in providing the residents and the entire planet with cleaner and cooler air.

● Reduced Risk of Heat Stroke

Living in Neighbourhood Filled with Trees Offers Great Health Benefits

Trees help reduce the risk of heat stroke by cutting down the temperature to two to four degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. They are also known for providing nearby residents with cooler and fresher air. A canopy of the trees lining the streets can also provide people on the sidewalk with much-needed shade, keeping pedestrians from being to hot and preventing heat stroke.

● Decreased Depression and Stress

Living in Neighbourhood Filled with Trees Offers Great Health Benefits

A recent study has reported a directly proportional relationship between the stress recovery of the subjects and the density of trees they were exposed to via 360-degree views of urban landscapes through VR headsets.

Another study, done in 2012, found that strolling or jogging through a park or forest can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in people. It also found that the positive effects of exposure to nature was 50% higher than what people might feel after going to the gym.

Just seeing a lush, green canopy can lighten and alleviate depression and stress. It boosts physical and mental health and social connection.

● Enhanced Quality of Sleep

Living in Neighbourhood Filled with Trees Offers Great Health Benefits

People living in areas with many trees experience better sleep. This is because trees help improve the quality of air inside or outside the house. Improved air quality promotes better breathing, which is essential during the sleep cycle. You breathe in easily because there is a lesser strain in the lungs while you are asleep.

Planting trees in our neighbourhood are not only essential for our health — they also provide numerous psychological, environmental, and social benefits. While we enjoy and reap their benefits, it is also important to return the favor and keep them healthy and away from disease and pests by calling a tree service company like Alexander Tree Care, Great Northern Regreenery Tree Services, and Sequoia Treescape for proper tree maintenance.

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