Tips on Writing a Compelling Speech


A great speech is a wonderfully rich means of communication and an effective way to either inform, entertain, instruct, or persuade others. However, if not written or executed properly, speeches will leave a general feeling of disinterest — or worse — boredom.


Tips on Writing a Compelling Speech


It is important that you learn the basics of writing a speech and practicing how to deliver them. To help you with the writing aspect, here are a few basic things you need to know:

1. Write naturally. It’s very easy to get lost and get technical when writing a speech. Keep in mind that a speech is meant to be spoken, not read. Write your speech the way you talk. Keep your sentences short and precise. Avoid sentences that may cause you to stutter. Read your speech out loud as you write them; this way you will get a feel of what it sounds like and decide whether or not it sounds right.

2. Know your audience. Making your audience listen is probably one of the hardest parts in delivering a speech. Use words that your audience can easily understand. Tell stories that they can relate to and retell. Knowing your audience and meeting their needs is vital.


Tips on Writing a Compelling Speech


3. Use personality. A little personality and humour can go a long way when giving a speech. Sometimes, a speech can turn out to be dull and boring. This can lose the interest of your audience. Put some humour in your speech to keep your audience entertained. They should be able to hear your speech as if they wrote it themselves.

4. Structure and rhythm. Finding the correct structure and rhythm for your speech can be challenging. It’s important to proofread and review the material days before you are scheduled to deliver it. Using well-constructed language and speech patterns is something that both you and your audience will be able to appreciate.

5. Say something. A speech isn’t only about talking. It’s about saying something that matters. A speech’s greatness has as much to do with its value and significance as the words you use and the way you deliver it.


Tips on Writing a Compelling Speech

6. Research. Read famous speeches. They offer a great source of inspiration while you’re writing. You can also model your own speech after them. Figure out what made them successful and use those techniques to your advantage. Another thing you can do is ask for help from experienced spokespeople or professional writing services like Master Essay.

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