Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing

Pipes freezing during winter can be an expensive thing to fix. You can find plumbing in Oakville if need be, but it always pays to prepare ahead so you can save money. Here are some tips you can use to prevent your pipes from freezing when it gets too cold:

1. Keep the heat on. If you have to leave your home for a while, leave the heat on no lower than 10 degrees Celsius. The extra heat can keep your pipes warm enough to keep from freezing the water. While this can give you higher heat costs, but that is much cheaper than paying to have burst pipes repaired.

2. Leave the faucet dripping. Pipes burst when water freezes because of the pressure that builds up between the blockage and the faucet. Leaving your faucet open can relieve the pressure on your pipes by giving the water more space to expand. This also keeps water moving through the pipes so it doesn’t have time to collect and freeze.



3. Drain your water system. One other way of keeping pressure from building in your pipes is to turn off your main water valve. In case the pipes burst, this limits how much water is spilled. Other things you can do to protect your pipes are closing the inlet valve on your toilets and flushing them, and removing and storing your garden hoses.

4. Add insulation to your pipes. Some pipes are located in places where they are less insulated and more likely to freeze (e.g. in basements and attics, or external pipes). Fit insulated sleeves made of foam rubber or fibreglass to exposed pipes to keep them warm. If you have the funds, insulate your attics to keep the environment warm enough for the pipes.


Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing


5. Invest in an heat tape. If you are especially worried about insulating your pipes, wrap them in heat tape. Rather than let the pipes retain heat, heat tape can be plugged into an outlet and heat your pipes directly. Be sure to follow the directions for use to avoid starting fires.

6. Leave doors inside open. The ambient heat inside your home can be used to keep your pipes warm, particularly those located inside cabinets. Leave your interior doors open so that the heat can circulate around. If your pipes are located in cabinets with dangerous chemicals, then keep them out of reach of children.


Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing


7. Keep your thermostat to a constant temperature. At night, you might be tempted to lower the thermostat to save power. However, temperatures drop at night, enough that water in your pipes can freeze. You can avoid this by maintaining the same temperature day and night to keep the environment warm enough for your pipes.

8. Seal any cracks near pipes. Any cracks can cause heat to leak out of your building. Cracks near pipes are especially problematic since they can drain enough heat to freeze the water. If you find any cracks in your walls (exterior or interior), seal them to keep the heat in and avoid damaging your HVAC.


Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing

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