Social News Channels Are Disrupting Major Online News Publishers – Should News Publishers Refocus On SEO Services?

Social Media channels are making online news publishers rethink their strategy regarding SEO services and Internet marketing. Instead of visiting the online website, visitors are mostly getting news from the social media.

Traditional news outlets such as New York Times are facing disruptive phenomenon that is likely to change how they market their service to potential clients and conduct their SEO services. The disruption is due to social websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which are increasingly becoming the main source of news for individuals. Interestingly, more people are casually browsing news on these social channels enabling them to discuss the news source, instantly.

The evidence proves that the share of paid subscribers to online news channels is decreasing quickly. For instance, reports from Reuters suggests that nearly 15% of Americans paid to access premium news source, in 2013. However, the share of online subscription has decreased to only 6%, in 2016. It means that more people are taking interest in the social media websites and free news channels.

For the marketing departments of major news publications, the trend is alarming because most individuals visit the news source from links that originate from external websites such as Facebook. These news readers prefer to access particular news stories.

With this, establishments would seriously need to employ and talk to companies who have a strong grasp on how social media marketing works and knows how to integrate that to SEO services. Though they can have their own team, but doing that would mean major investments. Compared to doing that, by having a third party team come in, they could be able to save on logistics and marketing costs.

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