Snaking Your Drain Line: How and Why You Should

When you buy a new home you should focus on how the house functions. Meaning how is the foundation? How is the electrical wiring? What condition is the roof in? Finally, how is the plumbing in the house? These are the main parts that make your house work properly. Today we will narrow in on the plumbing of your home, how to fix simple clogs properly, and what plumber in Toronto to contact if need be.


Your drain is clogged, the water is backed up, now what should you do? The simplest thing you could do is buy some drain cleaner. The positive side of using a chemical cleaner is that it usually does the job quick. However, the negative side is that they can actually hurt your pipes over time. So, if you want to protect yourself and the pipes, first try to do-it-yourself. The first tool that you will use to unclog a drain is the household plunger. This tool will try to push the clog through so water can flow again.


If the plunger technique does not work, it is now time to consider using a snake to unclog the drain. A snake, also known as a drain auger or plumbing snake, is a metal wire that has an end piece to unclog the drain. There are a few options to consider when choosing a snake. You can get a hand-held one also known as a hand-spinner. You turn the knob which will push the wire through the pipe until you hit the resistance. The key with using the snake is not to push the clog through like the plunger method, rather you will try to use the snake to grab onto the clog and pull it out. Otherwise you run the risk of pushing the clog further down the drain.


The next step after the hand held snake is to get a powered kind. You can either get the power drill attachment or the motorized one. The power drill attachment is like the hand held per se except you do not have to do the manual labor of turning the knob all the time you now have a drill doing it for you. If this is a one-time job most people will rent a motorized snake if they have to versus paying the larger sum of money to own one for good.


If you are experiencing the same problem many times, perhaps it is time to call a professional plumber to see what the problem is and fix it for good. They may use a snake also, but it will likely be a commercial grade one. They have the resources to deal with the major causes of problems like tree roots in pipes. The length of their snake cable will be longer and bigger. The benefit of theirs is that their snake tool can go farther and work faster.


If you need a plumber in Toronto here are a few good resources to consider. Priority Plumbing & Drains has a 100% satisfied guaranteed program and has award winning service for Toronto. Drain Works Expert Plumbing has been around for 19 years, and they have won the Consumer Choice Award for 13 years. Mr. Rooter Plumbing has a camera system where you can actually see what the problem is they will be fixing, and they a method called HydroScrub which cleans your pipes quicker and more effectively than snaking.


The main benefits of maintaining your pipes are these: they will work they way they are supposed to and it will cost you less time and money to maintain versus waiting until they go really bad. What is the result of waiting too long? Pipes than can wear thin and perhaps burst causing property damage which will be a lot more funds later on.

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