Rocking Tips: Sleep tight tonight with these useful snoring solutions

Get Rid of Your Snoring Problems with These Amazing Devices


Have you tried sleeping beside someone who snores a ton? Man, it can be a real bummer. But I pity more the guy who snores a lot since this could be a sign of something serious such as the common sleep apnea. It was good that he was able to fix the problem with a device that he got from CPAP clinic. Now he sleeps like a log and so do I.


If there are guys out there who have the same problem, particularly if it is sleep apnea, I learned from my friend that there are several options available to you to handle the problem. Some of these include the following:


MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device


The MAD or the mandibular advancement device is an oral or mouth device that can be either custom made or purchased over-the-counter. This is fitted by your dentist and must be worn when you go to sleep. The MAD looks like a mouth guard used in many sports events and which snap the upper and lower dental arches. This works by stabilizing the tongue and soft palate to keep the airway open.


Tongue Retaining Device


Another oral device used for sleep apnea is the tongue retaining devices which is also meant to keep the airway open. This works like a splint that holds the tongue in place. The tongue retaining device may not be as widely used as the MAD since many find this quite uncomfortable and needs time to get used to.


Position Pillows


Another device that is meant to keep the airway open and allow a restful sleep with as little snoring as possible is the position pillow. By using these pillows, the upper body becomes elevated which is thought to aid in keeping the airway open. Many have claimed that these pillows work well when used with other sleep apnea devices.


CPAP Device or the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device


Of the many devices intended to address sleep apnea, which include snoring problems, the device which has shown great results is the CPAP device. Medical experts on sleep problems have been known to highly recommend this treatment option. The CPAP device appears like a mask that is fitted over the mouse and mouth. This device blows air that keeps the airway open thereby allowing a relaxing sleep.

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