Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

In Richmond Hill, there are hundreds of restaurants vying for the attention and loyalty of potential diners. Every year, restaurateurs commission commercial contractors for restaurant renovations to help set their restaurants apart from competitors and create a wonderful atmosphere for their clients.

Setting up a restaurant’s atmosphere is important in attracting regular and potential clients alike. A restaurant with great atmosphere helps make customers feel comfortable enough to enjoy their meals. Depending on the kind of restaurant an owner is going for, the interiors will play a major role in setting up the tone of the client’s dining experience.

There are many aspects that make Richmond Hill restaurants rock because of their atmosphere:

● Concept

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

The first thing owners must address before opening a restaurant is to identify what kind of establishment they want to have. There are different kinds of restaurants that offer different kinds of cuisine and attract specific groups of diners. Once they have determined the type of establishment they want, they can start planning for other aspects that would help build the appropriate atmosphere of their restaurants.

● Lighting

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

Dining is both a visual and gastronomic experience. Lighting plays a key role in setting up a the ambience of any space. Restaurants that operate during the greater part of the morning should make use of the natural morning light for a more organic appeal. At night, when diners usually want a more relaxed and elegant experience, subtle lighting from crystal chandeliers or candles would be more appropriate.

● Furniture

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

Most diners go for restaurants simply for the ambience that they get from the place. This can include the furniture and colour scheme used in restaurants. Colours like red, yellow, and orange are great for fast food joints since they help stimulate appetites. However, neutral colours help diners feel calm — which makes for a great fine dining experience.

Coincidentally, restaurants that offer fast comfort food usually have stools and tables that are easier to move, while fine dining establishments have more luxurious furniture pieces that diners would love to sink into for longer periods.

Our Rocking Choices

1. Sarpa Restaurant (Italian)

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

If you are looking for some premium Italian fine dining experience in Richmond Hill, Sarpa is the first — and predominantly preferred – choice for many customers. This relatively new establishment serves traditional Italian cuisine paired with a wide selection of wines.

Both its interiors and exteriors feature accents of reclaimed hardwood, cement bars, and white brick. Its tables and booths are spaced generously and most of its walls are lined with its impressive collection of liquor. It also opens out to an outdoor patio for diners who want to enjoy warm summer evenings. Overall, Sarpa offers an upscale, sophisticated environment for customers with its country-glam décor.

2. Adrak Restaurant (Indian)

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

What makes Adrak different from other typical Indian restaurants is its clean and modern interior design that offers its diners a more inviting and classy experience. This restaurant brings an urban, Toronto vibe to the suburbs of Richmond Hill with its minimal and clean décor, cosy seats, and predominantly elegant and neutral colour schemes. One of its more modern accents is the glass kitchen, which allows diners to see how their food is prepared.

3. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar (American)

The Keg is a premium quality steakhouse that has different chains in other parts of Canada and the United States. It serves fine cuts of specially aged steak, elegant cocktails, premium seafood recipes, and mouth-watering appetizers.

In Richmond Hill, the restaurant recently underwent a renovation. The establishment is now predominantly designed with wood and brick. Its dimly lit room helps put its diners at ease. It features a bar for those that want a casual night with friends and separate booths for diners that want a more intimate and exclusive experience. This blend of features makes it one of the diners’ top choices for a casual dining experience.

4. Rhapsody Continental Cuisine (Hungarian)

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

Rhapsody Continental Cuisine is the only restaurant in Richmond Hill that serves fresh and authentic Hungarian cuisine at very generous portions. As a family-owned restaurant, Rhapsody Continental wanted to go for a friendly and charming atmosphere with an eastern European vibe. It’s rustic ambience makes it a hit among its regulars.

The restaurant has a cosy and homey setting with dark painted walls, ornate paintings, and candles. It also offers live music on weekends, which will further make your dining experience more authentic.

5. Touro Churrascaria (Brazilian)

Five Rocking Richmond Hill Restaurants with Great Ambience

Touro is famous for its traditional Brazilian Rodizio or eat-all-you-can service, with steaks as its specialty of choice. It is one of Richmond Hill’s more spacious restaurants allowing hosts to move around easily as they pass on rich selections of meat. They also have a bar and buffet station for those who want to eat salads and desserts, while Brazilian entertainment is offered once a month.

Like other restaurants, Touro Churrascaria gives off a modern vibe with its wide glass windows (for more natural light), minimal décor, wooden floors, and neutral colours.

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