Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada

The business sector gains a unique niche in the world due to the benefits they provide to a country’s economy. They keep a country afloat by providing quality products and services to consumers and offering jobs to more employees.

Still, there are particular industries that provide added value to Canada. These are industries whose nature of business help save and solve some of the country’s — and the world’s — more pressing problems and concerns.


Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada2


Fun fact: Canada is fast becoming one of the top producers and suppliers of renewable energy in the world, particularly with hydroelectric energy in Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Additionally, the country is also adopting solar and wind energy, making 65% of its electricity generated from renewable sources.

Businesses focused on sourcing, producing, and distributing renewable energy help cement Canada’s commitment to solve climate change by curbing its contribution to greenhouse gases and air pollutants.


Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada2


Just like any country in the world, Canada is swamped with pests (rats, squirrels, and racoons) due to the lifestyle and daily activities of urban dwellers. They unintentionally provide food to these rodents, helping them rapidly populate to “infestation” levels. Attacks from pests have now drastically worsened, posing risks on public health and property damage.

Pest removal services help maintain and regulate the normal balance of the urban ecosystem by professionally removing pests that cause damage and harm to residential and industrial properties.


Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada2
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While manufacturing remains one of the top thriving industries in Canada, their machines (e.g. welding, grinding and cutting, turning, grinding and milling) give off oil mist as a by-product of their operations. Oil mists harm both equipment and individual workers by coating walls and floors with oil film, creating serious occupational hazards in these industries.

With oil mist collectors eliminating these mists, industries get to keep their working environments safe and healthy for the people. Many of these oil mist collectors are in Ontario. Among them are Air Separation Technologies, Industry Air Sales, Nederman Canada, and Rotem Industrial Products, to name a few.


Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada2


Biopharmaceuticals, or biomedical products, are medical drugs produced from biological sources and are used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. These include vaccines, blood components, allergenic products, somatic cells, recombinant therapeutic protein, and living cells for cell therapy.

Canada is home to the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies that manage research and development and manufacturing operations. The advancement of medical technologies engineered from these companies have saved the lives of many from critical illnesses — both in Canada and throughout the world.

Rewarding Industries that Help Improve Canada2


A robust economy requires a healthy, productive, and efficient workforce, and corporate wellness services providers help achieve this goal. Part of their work is to create workplace programs that evaluate and improve the wellbeing of employees, reduce health-related costs, and increase workplace productivity.

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