Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

Just like in the house, rats can cause damage to your car and it’s systems (e.g. the wiring, air ducts, and cushioning). Repairing the damage can cause major inconveniences and cost you both time and money.

To effectively eliminate rodents from your car and residence, you may need the assistance of professional rat removal services. To avoid the hassle and the additional cost for repairs, follow these tips to deter rats from ever entering your car in the first place.

● Store your car in a garage

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

For best results, keep your car safe inside your garage. The walls naturally enclose the car, providing a line of defence against infestation. Combine garage protection with other methods. For example, if you have a cat, try letting it patrol around the garage to catch any rats attempting to enter. Keep an eye out for signs of activity (e.g. droppings) to warn yourself if rats are in the area.

● Block small entrances

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

To help keep rats away, ensure that there are no entrances they can use to enter the garage. Rats are flexible animals, and can squeeze through even small openings. Look around your garage; identify and seal any potential entrances to deny rats entry. Consider blocking any entrances in your car (e.g. engine entrances and air intake) with wire mesh as another line of defence.

● Leave the hood up

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

When the car is parked, leave the hood open, especially when it’s sunny. Rats can find the engine bay an attractive place to live because of how dark, dry, and warm it is. Keeping the hood open makes the engine a less enticing place to live, making it less likely that rats will settle. However, do remember to close the hood when the weather changes.

● Clean the surroundings

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

One thing that always attracts rats is a steady supply of food (e.g. leftovers, pet food, or birdseed). Remove these food sources, especially any that have fallen inside the car. Keep the garage and yard free of food sources to discourage rats from coming. Also remove any source of water to give rats less reason to stay.

● Remove nearby hiding places

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

Check around your yard for potential hiding places for rats (e.g. bushes, shrubbery, and vines). Rats can use these plants as living spaces, which can continue to attract rats even after you remove them. Keep these plants pruned to make them less suitable for rats.

Rats can also use leaf piles and wood piles to hide. Keep your yard free of these obstructions.

● Employ deterrents

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

Use deterrents around your car and garage to be extra sure of keeping rats away. Refrain from using poison to kill rats; these can be harmful to the environment, and may be ingested by predators or pets.

Use natural deterrents (e.g. peppermint oil or pet hair) to keep rats away without causing unwanted damage to the environment.

● Avoid letting the car go unused

Awesome Tips to Keep Rats out of Your Car

Rats can find your car a great place to live precisely because it’s sitting idle. Take the car for a drive regularly to discourage them from setting down roots. During the winter, use your drives to deter rats and to keep the engine from freezing to get both tasks done at the same time.

It’s important to eliminate rats immediately before they have time to damage any important systems in your car. Contact professionals to remove potentially hazardous pests, and safeguard you and your home. If you live in Toronto, rat removal by Pest Secure or The Exterminators can help you with your rodent problems.

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