How to Get the Best Among Best For Your Catholic Education Jobs

When you do open for hiring, it would be a no brainer that you only want the best people on the job. But how do you actually get them to apply for your open Catholic school jobs?

Here’s how:

  1. Going digital

Before you can even begin looking for the best one, you would first need to announce that you’re looking for one. And since majority of schools are now leaning towards a more digital approach to teaching, a person who is versed in technology is a good thing. Though most of the seasoned candidates would still the digital age as a new dawn, more and more people are leaning their ways to the online jungle. Platforms like Teaching Jobs offer a very affordable avenue for open catholic education jobs to reach highly qualified job seekers eager to fill the spot. And since almost all of us are now online 24/7, those job seekers will be notified instantly and you will just have to wait for the outpour of applications to come in.

  1. Check their personality

Don’t just rely on what you see on paper, observe them closely but don’t let them notice it. Check for their usual mannerisms. The thing is, even if they are brilliant on paper, if their personality will not fit with the environment of your work place, then most probably the candidate is on the ‘maybe’ pile. Now, unless this applicant will bring a good kind of change, say a breath of fresh air to the whole office, then you can stamp him as a no. Personality will determine how likely they are to interact with the tenured employees and how they handle themselves on the job. Fidgety and constantly checking their watch or phones or gets easily distracted during a conversation and lacks a good train of thought are things you should take note of.

  1. Ask the right questions

Enough with the usual, “So, tell me about yourself.” Ask them instead of how they see their life and your company. It may sound awkward to mix personal and professional views but the way they see their contribution to the company is greatly influenced on how they see their life since they also want growth within the company. Also, ask them on what are their core values and what are the important things to them. The way the answer will also help you out. The better ones are those who are more collective and refer to improvements as “we” rather than “I”.

Take note of these things are you are sure to employ the best candidate among them all.

Got your own piece of advice in hiring for catholic education jobs? Share them with us!

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