How to Choose the Best Commercial Contractors in Toronto

How to Choose the Best Commercial Contractors in TorontoWhen choosing commercial builders in Toronto, it’s imperative that you use all the resources available to you. These include word of mouth referrals, listings from licensing organizations, and Internet resources, especially forums and review sites.

You can speed up your selection process by requesting the business license numbers from the contractors you’re eyeing, cross referencing it with your local licensing office. By doing this, you can check if the company is legit, how long the business has been active, and whether or not they have any previous complaints filed against them.

Check Their Insurance

Make sure each of your choices offers property damage and public liability insurance—you want to verify this directly with the insurance agency to know for sure whether the policy is still active. Another important factor, for companies with a full staff, is Workers’ Compensation —medical insurance also known as workers’ comp.

Contractors with no insurance and/or uninsured employees should be removed from your list immediately. Hiring such a company places you at risk of being sued and held liable, if a worker sustains injuries while on the job on your property.

Analyze the Bids

The best way to assess each project bid is to give each of the contractors on your shortlist a copy of your plans for the project along with identical copies of the forms they need to fill out when making a bid. You’ll want your quote to include fixtures and materials that are up to industry and project specs, information on the parties responsible for acquiring and paying for building licenses, information on who will be tasked to clean and haul away debris after every day of work, and an expected date of completion.

By providing your potential Toronto based commercial builders with identical forms requesting specific information on materials, costs, and project duration, you increase the likelihood of getting as much accurate information as possible, instead of the vague “estimates” many contractors tend to give their clients.

Obtain a Written Contract

How to Choose the Best Commercial Contractors in TorontoAt this stage, you want to resolve any issues your commercial builder and designers may have, such as a difference in opinion on certain aspects of the project. You want to address these problems early on to avoid significant and costly changes in the middle of construction, as well as removing potential disagreements that could build up and cause trouble down the line.

Once all that’s done, you should then put everything in writing. You’ll probably want the assistance of a lawyer in creating the contract, which should be as detailed and specific as possible. Obviously, you’ll want all concerned parties to sign the document.

The contract should cover the following at a minimum:

  • Names and addresses of the Toronto commercial builder and client. If the contractor has a firm, refer to it by name on the contract.
  • Specific details about the project, including blue prints, plans, materials used etc.
  • Specific job description of everyone involved to prevent problems and misunderstandings
  • A note on whether the contractor will be responsible for cleaning the project area after each day of work and at the very end of the project
  • Costs and terms of payment

As the Project Moves Forward

The key to avoiding any problems as the project moves along is to have open and consistent communication between you, the commercial builder, the designer, and whoever else is involved. Be sure to speak with the contractor regularly to stay up to speed on the progress of the project, whether or not you’re ahead or behind schedule, and any potential problems that have come up or may arise.

This isn’t to say that you should pester your contractor in Toronto, with questions every hour of the day—that only gets in the way of their work. A good plan is to schedule regular meetings with the contractor, allowing you to prepare for discussions about the project, and your contractor to get the work done with as few distractions as possible.

When choosing a commercial builder in Toronto, you have many choices, make sure to get the best one possible.

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