Heavy Equipment Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

Nowadays, there are numerous companies that use heavy machines in their daily operations. The use of machineries in the workplace can bring many benefits if they are used properly and safety. Heavy machineries can help complete the task quickly and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, they can also cause harm if you do not have any verifiable training on how to operate these machines. Misusing heavy equipment and machineries can be the number 1 cause of work-related injuries and fatalities. Employers who failed to take precautionary and safety procedures to protect their employee are often faced with costly lawsuit and compensations.

Common Causes for Heavy Equipment Accidents and Injuries

Heavy Equipment Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

  • Inadequate training
  • Machine malfunction
  • Defective machine design
  • Inattention
  • Reckless misuse of the machine
  • Ineffective or Lack of Supervision
  • Violation of Safety Code

Top Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Heavy Equipment Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

If you are working around heavy equipment in your workplace, it is highly important to treat with a healthy sense of respect. Listed below i are some heavy equipment safety tips that can help reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities:

  • Seek Professional Services – Moving heavy equipment from one place to another is never an easy task. That is why it is extremely convenient to seek professional help for machinery moving and installations during plant moves.
  • Avoid Blind Spot – Heavy equipment drivers need to be extra careful that there is no person or materials that are behind them when backing up. Even if the vehicle has mirror, it does not provide the driver with a 360-degree view of the surroundings. Drivers need get down the vehicle and check.
  • Avoid Interfering – When someone is driving or operating heavy equipment, it is important to disturb the operator while working. Operators need to have 100 percent of their attention when working on powerful machineries. It is crucial to stay away from the moving parts. You can easily be injured when you get caught by a moving part of a heavy equipment machine.
  • Stay Away from Loading/Unloading Area – There are times when machines are extremely unpredictable that they become a great source of accidents. Although you may have used the proper operation procedures, its system seems not to work in synchrony with the commands. In order to prevent any potential accidents and injuries, it is better to inform other people in your workplace to stay away from the loading/unloading area.
  • Observe Load Limits – It is important to be aware of that every machine has a different load limit. Typically, the load limit greatly depends on the set-up and size of the machine. To avoid potential damage on the machine, never exceed the loading capacity.
  • Use Machine Guards – Using machine guards help prevent other people from entering danger zones. There are four types of machine guards: fixed, interlock, adjusting, and self-adjusting.
  • Pre-Work Examination – Before you operating a heavy equipment, it is important perform a preoperation inspection to ensure that the machine is working properly. Only assign properly trained staff to perform the inspection for any potential damage of the machine.

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