4 Energy Efficient Bathroom Designs and Accessories You Should Know About

An eco-friendly bathroom does not only have to rely on energy efficient bathroom plumbing. There are other things you can do to make it energy efficient:

1. Take full advantage of natural light.

Designing a bathroom that allows natural light to enter creates a cozy space with natural ventilation and significantly reduces the electricity and heating bills. You can make your bathroom look bigger and feel warmer without spending money on electricity by making use of high windows or skylights as these release hot air naturally.

2. Detect and seal in leaks.

Your bathroom might just be the coldest room in your house, and we especially tend to be more sensitive to the cold after hopping out of the shower. However, a well-sealed, well-insulated bathroom does not need much heat. Detecting any potential leaks and properly insulating your water pipes, your shower walls and the bathtub (beneath the plug hole) can prevent heat from escaping the bathroom. Saving you costs on your electricity bill.

3. Install high-efficiency shower heads and faucets.

4 Energy Efficient Bathroom Designs and Accessories You Should Know About

Common shower heads have 2.5 gallons per minute flow rates. High efficiency shower heads reduce this flow rate by half, and sometimes even more. This modern shower head design consistently maintains pressure and does not waste water flow, unlike earlier shower head models. They do not require a whole shower overhaul; only the simple replacement of the shower head is needed.

Just like high efficiency shower heads, high efficiency faucets are also easy to install and can give you the the same benefits. These significantly reduce a home’s water consumption by half right after installation. The best thing about these modern shower heads and faucets is that the water stream or flow is not in any way different from those of the regular ones. To find out if high-efficiency shower heads and faucets are doing their job, all you need to do is wait for the water bill. The cost should be reduced to half of what it was (or even less!).

4. Install low flow toilets.

4 Energy Efficient Bathroom Designs and Accessories You Should Know About

Dual flush toilets are the most common toilet designs in the market today, and they are easy to find in new homes. These come with two settings: one that uses less water, and another that dispenses more. Having the “less water” option might make you feel that you are conserving water, but don’t be fooled. The amount of water consumed for either option is more or less similar to that of a regular toilet.

The best (and cheapest) solution to reduce water consumption and create a low flow toilet from your existing one is to install a tank bag. Its use is simple — it displaces the water used in the tank, reducing the amount that the toilet dispenses in every flush.

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