Does Marriage and Couple Counseling Work and What Awesome Changes Can you Expect from It?

Every relationship, whether you’re married or not, goes through tough times. Some couples just sit down and talk it over, but others need guidance. Making a relationship work takes two people to work together, and a marriage and couple counselors can help them patch things up. These sessions are well-documented and structured, and the therapist or counselor monitors the couple’s progress and helps them realize that they’re doing well and that they can make their relationship better.

Does It Work?

Although there are those who believe that marriage and couple counseling doesn’t work, giving the intervention a chance is still worth a shot. A column by Elizabeth Weil in the New York Times talked about the problems that couples going through counseling face, which is mainly due to the fact that most of them sign up for therapy only when they’re already at their wits end. Facing the problem during its early stages, even before the couple is married, should make it easier for them to deal with the issue.Also, finding the right councilor is a big factor. Marriage and couple concealing takes skills and patience in the councilor’s end as he or she need to deal with the couple and the individual. It’s important that the couple finds someone that they feel comfortable with talking to. Finding the right marriage counselor and signing up at the right time will make marriage counseling in Toronto worth it.

What will Change?

Another reason why couples are hesitant in signing up for therapy is that they don’t know what to expect. It’s also scary for most, thinking that they have to sit down with a therapist to fix their problems. When going through therapy, expect a lot of changes. One of the biggest things that will change is the way the relationship is viewed. Many couples who have gone through therapy successfully build a more loving, understanding, and positive relationship. It will take time, but with dedication, the relationship will become more fruitful.

Team Work

Through the process, the counselor or therapist aims to help the partner see their relationship as something both of them needs to contribute to. For example,one of the most common issues that couples have is that both play the “blame game”, pointing fingers and blaming each other that they’re not doing enough or that it’s their fault why the relationship isn’t working. With couple and marriage counseling, the couple with the guidance of the counselor or therapist, will realize that they need teamwork to deal with their issues.

Modified Behavior

Effective therapist or counselors attempt to alter the ways partners behave around one another. Therapy can help improve interactions, and it can minimize actions that may cause economic, psychological, and physical harm. The therapist or counselors conducts a thorough evaluation to determine if their clients are at risk. When necessary, they can refer the pair to professionals that cater to specific issues, such as anger management or drug abuse treatments.

Lesser Emotional Avoidance

Couples that are less expressive or avoidant to their feelings place themselves in a risk of being emotional distant to each other, hence, end up growing apart. Marriage and couple therapy can help couples bring out thoughts and emotions that they are afraid of expressing to their partners. This can help develop a more secure emotional state for both individuals and let them feel that it’s fine to express what they want the other person to know that could be affecting their relationship negatively.

Improves Communication and Strength

Lastly, couples get to work on their communication skills. The therapist or councilor can help “coach” the couple in how to effectively communicate with each other without them yelling or giving each other the cold treatment at the end of the conversation. The goal of partner and marriage counseling is to highlight the couple’s strength and build resilience to things that negatively affects their relationship.

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