6 Tips on Decluttering KonMari-Style

Marie Kondo became a household name when her easy method of decluttering and storage tips made its rounds in the Internet and on television. The KonMari Method has earned itself a large following all over the world. Here are some useful tips based on this method for simple but effective decluttering:

1. Declutter all at once. Setting an exact day, not minutes or hours, to dive into the clutter is recommended by the KonMari Method. Decluttering little by little, over a span of time won’t work. The reason for this is things will get messy again just as you think you’ve finished decluttering. Freeing your schedule for a day or two of decluttering keeps your mind focused and on the task, increasing your chance for successfully achieving your decluttering mission.

2. Keep a clear mental picture of your desired outcome. Before you raid your cupboard or closet and pull out every single item you think is no longer needed, first you need to visualize the end result you desire. Think of the changes in your lifestyle that you think will complement your new clutter-free environment. Envisioning “a clutter-free home” is too broad. Envisioning yourself as “a goddess, surrounded by peace and beauty,” would be a more acceptable goal.

6 Tips on Decluttering KonMari-Style

3. Tell yourself the honest reason/s why you want to live the way you envision it. As you create the goal, like you did in the step prior, ask yourself “why”. If you want, for example, to cut clutter so you can sleep better, ask yourself, “Why do I want to improve the quality of my sleep?” Asking yourself why 3-5 times will allow you to reevaluate your current state and will make you more ready to move on from cluttered-living.

4. Declutter by category and in the right order. The KonMari Method recommends that you tackle all the clutter by category and not location. Some people might categorize items depending on where they belong, whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Breaking the clutter down by type (clothes, kitchenware, sports supplies) will keep your mind calm and more focused.

To put things into better perspective for you, take out every item from the area in which it is kept. Categorize every item first before sorting out the ones you need from the ones you don’t.

A correct order in categorizing clutter is recommended by the method as follows: Clothes, Books, Paper, and Komono (miscellaneous). These categories are further broken down into sub-categories. Clothes can be sub-categorized into tops, bottoms, underwear, etc.

6 Tips on Decluttering KonMari-Style

5. Put away the items you don’t need or want anymore before putting back those that you do. Say a sincere goodbye to the items that didn’t make the cut. They did serve you at some point in your life; but it is best they find a better home or another owner that can appreciate them.

6. Determine if each item you’re keeping “sparks joy”. Now that you’re left with the items you do need, assess each and every one if it brings and “sparks joy” into your life. Acknowledge the feelings that it gives you and determine if you need to keep it longer or pass it on.

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