Classifications of a Dentist in Downtown Toronto

When you visit a dentist in downtown Toronto, the chances are that you are visiting a general doctor. Other dentists specialize in various dentistry fields like orthodontists.

General dentists have a wide array of knowledge on dentistry. However, some patients require specialized dental care. Therefore, as a dental patient you need to understand the various types of dentists so that you choose the one specialized in treating your dental condition. Here are types of dentists and their areas of specialization.



These dentists deal with restoration and replacement of damaged or lost teeth. They carry out full-scale smile makeover. They offer various treatments like dental implants, crowns, fixed bridges, porcelain veneers, and dentures. They have expertise in treating complex dental problems. They deal with reconstructive dentistry.



There is much more to your teeth than the hard, pearly-white part. There are canals deep inside the teeth. Canals contain sensitive living tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Endodontists specialize in treating soft tissue inside teeth. Endodontists carry out root canal treatment and apicoectomies.


Oral & maxillofacial surgeon

These specialists are unique. They have knowledge on general surgery, emergency medicine, and anesthesiology. They specialize in treating problems associated with hard and soft tissues of jaws, the face, and the mouth. If your tooth extraction is complicated, the general dentist in downtown Toronto will refer you to this specialist for examination or treatment. An oral & maxillofacial surgeon carries out several procedures such as corrective jaw surgery, tooth extractions, and cleft lip surgery.



Most people associate orthodontists with braces. However, orthodontists do more than just braces. They correct jaws and teeth that are misaligned, do not close properly, or do not look the way they should. Orthodontists treat bites, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth. They use appliances like clear aligners, removable appliances, and braces to correct problems like crooked teeth.



Periodontists prevent, diagnose and treat diseases affecting gums and other structures that support teeth. They recognize and treat problems like gum inflammation before getting out of hand. They use techniques to reshape jaw bones and remodel soft tissue. A periodontist will help you maintain good oral health.

You do not have to hide your smile; Dentistry on King will help you restore your self-esteem. Your entire family will benefit from the dentist. Visit your dentist in downtown Toronto for friendly services.

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